An Electrical Installation Condition report (EICR), sometimes referred to as "Landlords Inspection", "Fixed Wiring Test" or " Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)", is a status report of the condition of your property’s electrical system . Required by landlords  and often requested house buyers/owners, it provides you with an up to date report of the condition of the electrical installation and checks to see that complies with the electrical regulations and of course gives you the peace of mind that everything is SAFE.

Using up-to-date testing equipment, we will test the whole of the electrical system within your property from the consumer unit ( fuse box )   through to the socket outlets and light fittings.

At the end of the inspection, we will give you a report, along with the schedule of the tests carried out and the test results.

The report will note any recommendations or failures, graded C1 - C3   so you can make an informed decision with regards to any improvements. Codes 1 and 2 will require remedial action  as some form of danger or potential danger has been observed

As a Landlord you have a legal duty to provide a SAFE environment, and must have a "Satisfactory" report prior to the start of any new tenancy.

Periodic Inspections should normally be carried out every 10 years for a private house, or 5 years if the property is rented out  (sooner if  known issues exist). The older the wiring in the property, the more important and inspection becomes.   

Just because your car gets you to work everyday it doesn't mean it is safe, its the same with electrics, just because it works doesn't mean there isn't some hidden danger.




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